• Chairman: Zen Rong
  • Since: 1992
  • Registered Capital: RMB2-3m.
  • Business License:
  • Registered City:ChangSha
  • Nature: State owned

Changsha Towel Group, large state-run enterprise in household textile industry and vice-director with the Chinese Household Products Association, ranks top in China in the printed towel production with an annual out put of 100 million standard towel. Cut-velvet print textile constitutes thehighlight and specialty of our products thanks to a unique style and a complete range of variety. We, at present, distribute home and abroad six categories of towel series in 1600 colors and designs including bath towel, face towel, pillow towel, wash cloth, towel sheet, towel night suit.Granted ISO9001:2001 quality certificate and crowned with ¡°Consumer Satisfaction Products¡± in addition to ¡°Name Brand Products¡± of Hunan Province, Feifei Towel Series enjoy high reputation throughout the world and penetrate into the global market for more than 30 countries and regions, including USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, southeast Asia, etc. At present, we boast annually 200 million yuan in sales volume, 12 million yuan in profit and tax, US$8 million in export foreign exchange earnings and US$15 million in export delivery value.

A powerful company in the industry with a land area of 500 Mu, total assets and annual sales that both reach 500 million yuan, and foreign exchange earnings that surge to US$20 annually, Changsha Towel Group undertook a successful purchase in June 2002 to the then bankrupted Changsha 2nd Textile Dyeing Mill and Changsha Nylon Mill, thus makes possible the emergence of a new company ¡° Changsha Feifei Textile Group¡±. An integrated industrial link and multi-industry development will be created as the result. Currently 6 member enterprises and 30 other processing plants Tianming Real Estate Agency. Worth of mention is also its world-class equipments and modern technology which include 18 high-grade production lines (imported computerized magnetic-stick print and domestically-made print), 80000-spindle rotor spinning and ring spinning, large-scale CAD design, laser composition, automatic color-separation system, Swiss-made Su Ershou rapier loom, German-made Bei Linge electronic beaming machine, Japan-made computer embroidery machine, seamer, Hong Kong-made yarn package dyeing machine as well as the necessary before-and-after dyeing accessories.

We focus our manufacturing capabilities within such core business as Feifei Towel Series, cotton yarn series, cotton weaving dyeing series, bed clothes, nylon yarn series, with a sideline in real estate development and management as well as public transport business.

Committed to quality products and apply the highest levels of creativity, integrity and resourcefulness to our market strategy, we are fully prepared for an active and close partnership with all associates home and abroad and provide high standard service to our customers. Feifei Textile will quicken its pace in state-run enterprise reform in a bid for a more favorable investment atmosphere and make contribution to a rapid and sustainable economic development.

Credit Information
Legal representative: Mr. Zen Rong
Year of eastablishment: 1992
Oganization type: State owned
Business scope: Manufacturer
Number of staff: > 1000
Registered place:
Registered capital: RMB2-3m.
Annual turnover:
Products exported to: South-East Asia, South America, East Euoroe, Africa
Brands: FeiFei
Main customer:
Export percent: %


Address:2 Li jIachong, Hei Shidu, Changsha, Hunan Province, China E-mail:feifeitowel@163.com Telephone:0731-84316297
Fax:0731-84310425 Web Site:www.feifeitowel.com